Davide Borello

Specialist | Energy & Decarbonisation

Davide Borello is an energy specialist graduated in December 2020 in Energy and Nuclear Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Turin, focusing on HVAC systems and energy efficiency.

During his Master’s degree, he specialised in Energy efficiency and HVAC systems design, with the aim of having a complete overview of the energy process of a building and on its control strategies. His master’s thesis, developed with the Energy Department and the BAEDA LAb, focused on the implementation of an adaptive control strategy, based on Reinforcement Learning, to regulate heating systems in residential buildings.

Davide also worked as Building data analyst and cooperated in the construction of a predictive model to estimate energy saving.

He joined GET in early 2021, and what he is most passionate about his field of specialization is working with energy modelling software, this allows him to deeply understand the response and behaviour of a building under specific circumstances, finding the best possible strategiesin terms of energy efficiency and consumptions reduction.

Davide Borrello | Get Consulting
Certification LEAD GA

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