We help Clients in creating the (re)generative instruments needed

Generate sustainablE Thinking - GET Consulting

We deeply care about developing trusting relationships that help Clients shift their thinking: “Each built environment project is just an instrument for serving and regenerating larger living systems’ health in each particular place”.


Field of expertise

We work in various fields of expertise

We work with our Clients with our capacity and capability to support the development of regenerative and sustainable projects.

Our company

We create unique conditions to help the business grow

Our team can effectively use built environment projects as instruments for transforming healthy, equitable and sustainable places for all.

Our People

His/her singularity holds his/her potential

Manifesting each individual’s Essence is core to our work with and around people and to developing internal locus of control and external considering.

GET Consulting stories

We work in various fields of expertise

We tell you about projects, news and events concerning services and products with which we reflect the values and essence of our work and share our passion.



WELL Platinum in Italy


Urban sites regenerated (or under regeneration)

770,000 m2

buildings floor area certified (or under certification)

2,950 tCO2,eq

Saved in decarbonisation projects