Sustainable places

Our team can effectively use built environment projects as instruments for transforming healthy, equitable and sustainable places for all.

Our history

GET was founded in 2018, bringing together passionate professionals skilled in the fields of Building Physics and Building Technology. The goal is to serve Clients working to create transformative processes within the built environment.

In 2019, GET started an internal process of (re)generation to develop a unique approach for sustainability consultancy services that merges technical expertise (always under evolution) with emotions, allowing GET’s co-creators to build, consolidate and maintain an empathetic relationship with Clients. The team can effectively use built environment projects as instruments to make places healthier, equitable and sustainable for all.

Who we are

GET is a consulting firm that works to be in service to Developers, Investors, Designers, Contractors, Manufacturers and Corporates, to build their capacity for regenerating living systems and make possible their unique contributions to the transformation of the built environment.

We do believe that humans can play an active role in positively affecting the living systems in which they live by developing an internal locus of control and by seeking to understand how transforming these living (social) systems in accord with healthy and sustainable ecologies in each unique place, and in turn positively impacting the entire planet.

We help Clients in creating the (re)generative instruments needed for actualizing the transformation being sought, making it understandable.