Sustainability strategies

We work with our Clients with our capacity and capability to support the development of regenerative projects, with the development of sustainability strategies.

Building and communities performance

We develop an integrative approach based on design & construction optimization, and O&M monitoring and data analysis.

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Definition of sustainability strategies via Charrette

Energy optimization

Building systems and services energy performance optimization


Façade design and optimization

Outdoor quality

Urban environmental modeling and design optimization

Indoor quality

Acoustic, daylight and thermal modeling and optimization of indoor environment


Building Envelope (BE) and Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Commissioning

Post Occupancy Evaluation

Energy and IEQ data monitoring, reporting and analysis via POE (Post Occupancy Evaluation)

ESG, Sustainability, Health and Wellbeing schemes

We provide consultancy services for the achievement of sustainability, health and well-being certifications for buildings and communities.

Sustainability protocols

LEED/WELL/BREEAM/LFA advocacy, education/training, consultancy during pre-design, design, construction and operational phases

EU taxonomy & DNSH

EU Taxonomy gap analysis, due diligence and advisory, including DNSH (Do Not Significant Harm)

Green Bond

Real Estate Green Bond analysis


ESG gap analysis, due diligence and advisory, including: WELL Portfolio/WELL at Scale, SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation), GRESB

Building and communities performance

We support investors, developers and corporates in general, to define their own path to impact reduction.

Asset level analysis

Energy performance optimization of new assets and assets under renovation and road to carbon neutrality

Portfolio level analysis

Energy Analysis of existing portfolios to investigate decabonization opportunities, like energy efficiency measures definition and off-setting strategies


CRREM (Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitoring) analysis and consulting


LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) of products, processes and buildings


LCC (Life Cycle Cost)


EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint of processes and Real Estate

Sustainable materials

Green & healthy materials mapping