Alessandra Viotti

Specialist | Sustainability, Health & Wellbeing

Alessandra Viotti is an Architect, graduated with honours from the Polytechnic University of Turin, track Construction City.

Since the beginning of her university career, she was strongly interested in energy efficiency and curious about new ways to develop sustainable strategies for the future.

She graduated with a thesis focused on integrated design, merging architecture design process and building physics.

During her university career, she attended several courses and workshops like an international workshop with the University of Zagreb, which focused on how to deal with a sustainable developing strategy for tourism in Croatia. In August 2020, she won a competitive construction workshop in China working in a joint team between Polytechnic of Turin and Southeast University of Nanjing. The proposal for the competition was a modular wooden pavilion, designed to fit into the existing landscape and developed with a simple construction technique.

These experiences helped her to grow and know better different inspiring realities, learning how to work in a multi-cultural team.

From September 2021, she collaborates with GET as a sustainable specialist, focusing on health and wellbeing.

Alessandra Viotti | Get Consulting
Certification LEAD HOMES
Certification Well AP

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