Towards more Sustainable and Resilient infrastructures

GET is an official supporter of Envision Italia


The Envision™ protocol is a rating system dedicated to the design, construction and operation phases for sustainable infrastructure. It had its origin in the United States in 2012 thanks to the collaboration between ISI (“Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure”) and the Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure, at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.

Envision™ is a protocol dedicated to the design and realisation of sustainable infrastructures, moving from the scale of buildings and communities to infrastructures related to:

  • Transport: Ports, Airports, Railway Networks, Roads and Motorways;
  • Production and Transport of Renewable and Conventional Energy: Wind, Solar, Photovoltaic, Geothermal;
  • Water Management: Water reuse, Storm Water Management, Flood Control;
  • Waste Treatment: Solid waste, Recycling;
  • Telecommunications: IT, Data Centres;
  • Landscape: Public Spaces, Parks;

The protocol consists of 65 sustainability criteria, organised into 5 categories: Quality of Life, Leadership, Resource allocation, Natural World, Climate and Resilience.

The focus on Regenerative projects, with the development of sustainability strategies, is imperative for GET, and we aim to contribute in this field by providing services of Decarbonisation, Neutrality and Circularity, supporting our clients and partners in their ambitious goals.

Although not compulsory, certification is the end point of a virtuous path that enhances design choices in the field of sustainability.

We have gone further in our commitment to sustainable infrastructure: GET is an official supporter of Envision Italia, and has a qualified Envision specialist (Envision Sustainability Professional): a professional trained and qualified to use the Envision™ rating system for sustainable infrastructure. This is a key figure in the certification process as they work with the project team on behalf of the client to ensure that the highest levels of sustainability are achieved.

An Envision™ SP (Envision Sustainability Professional) must be involved in projects that need to be verified and that are seeking recognition under the Envision protocol.

We are looking forward to supporting established and new clients on this further journey towards more sustainable and resilient infrastructures.


If you wish to learn more about Envision™ and Decarbonisation, get in touch with Teodoro

Teodoro Maiorano – Head of Energy and Decarbonisation

Teodoro Maiorano
Daniele Guglielmino, Iacopo Predieri

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