Dario Prando Ph.D.

Senior Specialist | Energy and Commissioning
Dario Prando Ph.D. | Get Consulting

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Dario Prando is a mechanical engineer by training, specializing in building and energy services, with a PhD in Sustainable Energy and Technologies.

He collaborates with EngyStudio as building services and energy specialist, and GET s.r.l. as Energy and Commissioning Specialist. Prior to this collaborations, he gained experience in AXISENG, a Building Services Engineering company in Dublin.

He began his career at the Free University of Bolzano following research and teaching activities, and later worked as Building Services and Energy Specialist at Manens-Tifs, developing projects in Milan and London.

The experiences he gained collaborating with multidisciplinary teams in London and Dublin has allowed him to enhance flexibility, adaptability and cross-cultural communication.

Dario’s experience covers energy and mechanical services for buildings, communities and industrial processes. He advises private clients and administrations, managing and developing energy strategies, energy audits, building services design and commissioning activities.
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Dario Prando

Senior Specialist | Energy and Commissioning