To provide high performance and cost-effective

Sustainability strategies

We work with our Clients with our capacity and capability to support the development of regenerative projects, with the development of sustainability strategies.

Sustainability strategies to provide high performance
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Integrative process management

We work to stimulate people to identify potential constraints and support the team in transforming them in opportunities for the project (regenerative approach). Revealing particular restraints creates generative instruments for the transformation being sought by our clients.

Green and healthy building and community certification

We work to integrate social, environmental and economic matters in built environment transformation projects to support Clients and teams in achieving sustainability certifications recognized by the international market.

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Sustainability And Building Physics - Get Consulting

Sustainability and building physics

We assist stakeholders at different levels to develop sustainability strategies, design-optimization and performance-based procedures, by integrating key disciplines of building physics since the very beginning of each process, to provide high-performing and cost-effective buildings and communities.

Post occupancy evaluation, performance testing and optimization strategies

We work to ensure quality and performance be achieved in building and process operation, through qualified professionals. We develop and administer on site survey and perform acoustic, lighting, thermal and air quality measurements.

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Net zero carbon design throughout the whole lifecycle

We investigate potential evolutionary processes of living systems we seek to transform in a way that the system is optimized over its lifespan so that a cradle to grave cycle become a developmental cradle to cradle cycle. We apply this approach to Real Estate (buildings, portfolios), industrial processes, technologies and materials.