The strength of Get Consulting

Individual’s Essence

Unlocking this potential and manifesting each individual’s Essence is core to our work with and around people and to developing internal locus of control (discernment) and external considering.

Individual’s Essence as the strength of Get Consulting

Operational Team

Elisa Sirombo – Founder & CFO

Head | Building Physics & Sustainability

Daniele Guglielmino Ph.D. – CEO

Head | ESG, Sustainable & Healthy Built Environment

Teodoro Maiorano

Head | Energy, LCA & Decarbonisation

Sara Ganassali Ph.D.

Senior Specialist | LCA & Decarbonization

Chiara Devecchi

Senior Specialist | Acoustics

Dario Prando Ph.D.

Senior Specialist | Energy and Commissioning

Davide Borello

Specialist | Energy & Decarbonization

Alessandra Viotti

Specialist | Sustainability, Health & Wellbeing

Sofia Mori

Specialist | Sustainability, Health & Wellbeing

Mattia Bressanelli

Specialist | Sustainability, Health & Wellbeing


John Boecker

AIA, LEED® Fellow

Marco Filippi

Emeritus Professor, Senior Advisor