How we work

We work with our Clients by nurturing processes that help team members reconnect with what they care about as a means for exploring/discovering their unique needs and solutions.


We operate by building a unique process, designed around each unique Client, grounded in an integrative design process.


Caring About

Defining what each Client is really caring about, by investigating needs, defining expectations, and identifying constraints related to social, environmental and economic sustainability, health and well-being of people and the living systems in which they are nested



Co-creating and managing relationships with other stakeholders that interact with each Client, for the purpose of developing each specific project and effectively integrating the different streams of work


Making Understandable

Making technical matters fully available and understandable for the Client, so that he/she can play a role as an active participant in the integrative design process and take a conscious advantage from the result of the process



Advocating sustainability, health and well-being in buildings and communities as an instrument for reconciling people with nature and social environments while helping Clients achieve their goals

Our unique selling points

To make our approach happen effectively, we adopt the following methods & instruments.


Conscious caring

Helping Clients reconnect with conscious caring, by helping them to investigate and disclose their unique needs


True intergration of technical aspects

Making the Client fully aware about all aspects, instead of merely administering a green building rating system implementation